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Lawn & Garden

Lawn Care Supplies in Springfield, IL

A beautiful lawn and garden is easier to attain when you shop at Big R of Springfield. As a full-service general store in Springfield, IL, we carry a wide selection of lawn care supplies and gardening tools to keep your property healthy, attractive, and productive. Visit today and put your landscaping plans into practice.

Bird Seed and Bird Houses

For Your Lawn

A green and vigorous lawn is the mark of a proud property owner. Cultivate a prize-winning garden with our help. We have a large selection of yard improvement supplies, as well as seeds and seedlings available during the various growing seasons. The lawn care section includes:

• Fertilizers
• Weed Killers
• Insecticides
• Grass seed

• Mulch


The Destination for Essential Garden Tools

When you have the right tools for the job, beautifying your garden is a breeze. We offer many different hand tools to make planting, feeding, and weeding simpler. Many of our tools, including the hoses, are great for both commercial and residential purposes. Our selection includes:

 • Shovels • Rakes • Carts  • Garden Hoses